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Over 2500 bridges

Over 2500 bridges

Did you know that Quebec has more than 2,500 permanent wooden bridges? Their lifespan is estimated at 60 years.

Here are some examples of the characteristics of some covered bridges built in Quebec.

  • The Groat Creek Bridge in Saint-Armand has the shortest span, 50 ft (15 m), and is one of the oldest existing bridges.
  • The bridge over the Eaton River, Cookshire, was built around 1860. Its 130 ft (40 m) span is of the Town type.
  • The bridge over the Matane River in Saint-Jérome de Matane has the longest span, 158 ft (48 m), and was built in 1936.
  • The bridge over the Chaudière River, erected at Notre-Dame des Pins in • 1926, is the longest existing bridge. It includes 2 spans of 113'-2" (34 m) and 2 spans of 134'-4" (41 m), for a total length of 495 ft (151 m).
  • The length record for a covered bridge goes to the Carbonneau Bridge, in Saint-Félicien, on the Chamouchouane River. This Town type bridge was inaugurated on October 20, 1909 and washed away by the ice in 1942. Its 8 spans of 137'-6" (42 m), resting on wooden and stone box piers, gave it a total length of 1100 ft (335m).
  • The Maria Bridge, on the Grande Cascapédia, in New-Richmond, measured 910 ft (277 m), or 7 spans of 130 ft (40 m); it was built in 1925 and was destroyed by fire on August 4, 1953.
  • The Percy Bridge over the Châteauguay River at Powerscourt has two spans of 80 and 85 ft (24 and 26 m). It was built around 1895 using a mixed system of triangulated beams integrated with straight chords arranged in an arc, according to the system designed by Daniel Craig McCallum.

Source: Transport Quebec Archive

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