A fully integrated matting solution with the offer of new and used mats along with first-rate service. We handle the coordination of all project logistics and have the flexibility to meet any project need.

In addition, our crane mats will allow you to reduce the impacts of your activities on the environment. Use them, we all win !

For heavy equipment in harsh terrain

Trans Canada Forest Products mats can be used in a variety of matting applications including pipelines, construction, transmission lines, well-sites and environmental remediation. Our mats are designed with bolts and cable options to make maneuvering and lifting easy.

These industrial mats are very durable and can stabilize heavy duty equipment in the harshest of conditions.

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  • Crane pads

  • Power line tower assembly

  • Pipeline construction

  • Mining “roads” for 200 ton trucks

  • Mod yard staging areas

  • Wind farm construction

  • Pipeline crossings

  • Bridge repair and construction

  • Pier and wharf retrofits

  • Heavy duty access roads

  • Structural Foundations